2017 - Marketplace to connect car dealers with private car sellers (Django, Javascript, PostgreSQL)

In 2017 I graduated and joined a startup immediately.

I joined a company building an AI SaaS and since it was only 6 people, I was exposed to everything. The perfect learning opportunity.

I was particularly intrigued by the code base for the web app. I spent my spare time understanding the ruby backend aside from the ActiveRecord queries I was supposed to use and be limited to in my role.

This inspired me to learn Django and build web apps in Python, my native language.

After a month or so of tutorials on SimpleIsBetterThanComplex, I decided to find a project to build.

Having been around the motor trade most of my teen life onwards, I settled on a two sided marketplace helping people private car owners get a hassle-free and quick sale by selling directly to dealers.

The target market was people who had full time jobs and due to being busy didn't mind selling their vehicle a few hundred pounds cheaper just for the headache-free sale to buyers who didn't have many questions - car dealers always on the look out for stock! I knew this already was happening from first hand.

This was my first real web app deployed to a private server.

I researched and found DigitalOcean to be the most cost efficient deployment method via the $6 droplet.

This was also the first time I bought a domain!

After a few days of setting up the deployment including nginx, systemd, postgresql, the site was live!

Hassan Tahir