2022 - Dealer management system for car dealerships (Django, React, PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS, Next.js)

After a while of building products which fell in the consumer category. I wanted to sell to businesses again.

All advice online suggested B2B was easier to sell, and I agreed.

I returned to my potential list of unfair advantages. I had still untapped knowledge of the motor trade. I knew the trade ran on minimal technology in terms of CRM. There was one incumbent which felt very web 1.

Many traders were still without a provider, and sticking with spreadsheets, or in some cases, paper.

So I decided to build a CRM for car dealerships.

Features included digital sales invoices and reporting for key metrics including revenue, profit and VAT.

My marketing plan was to cold email dealerships offering a free trial. Dealership details were easy to find on Autotrader.

There was also a popular Facebook group where dealership owners congregated.

Hassan Tahir